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Hard work has its reward!

In recognition and appreciation of good work – and of course as an incentive for you to make a special effort during your training – we offer all trainees the chance of being selected for an achievement promotion programme.

Right from the start of your training, we do everything we can to support your performance and qualification – and that includes challenges designed to help you push your own limits further and further.
Our competent team of trainers has all it takes to help you achieve the best possible qualification.

But the basic responsibility lies with you. Get stuck in, build on your enthusiasm and effort and we’ll respond in kind: It’s well worth it!


Who can take advantage of our trainee achievement promotion programme?

All trainees from 18 to 22 years of age who have completed an apprenticeship at HERMLE AG with a good result have a chance of taking part in the achievement promotion programme.

One condition is:

  • successful completion of an apprenticeship with an overall grade of at least 1.5.

What does our trainee achievement promotion consist of?

You never stop learning!

The achievement promotion means that we provide for a professional or personal development course on a topic of your choice.

Fully charged!

As a reward, we charge up your employee chip that you can use for food and drinks on the premises with a one-off credit amount ... which makes everything taste twice as good!

Education is the best investment!

Do you want to take your education further after your apprenticeship?
Are you interested in pursuing a part-time professional course leading to higher qualifications? We shall be pleased to help you make good choices and can give you financial help to get you started.

Are you thinking of doing a degree course with us straight after your apprenticeship?
Here, too, we can give you decision-making support and provide an adequate study stipend.

It can't get any better!

The trainee with the best final results of the whole apprenticeship year will be rewarded with a one-week language trip.
You select a European country and the language and we organise a unique, one-week experience for you, because ...

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